Our Offerings Include: 

  • Organically grown hemp from certified varieties

  • Hemp Related Consulting

  • Hemp Quality Control Testing

  • Hemp Seed Products

  • Fractionally Distilled Hemp Extract

Our Hemp

With the enactment of the 2014 Farm Bill, 33 states now allow the growth and processing of industrial hemp, one of the oldest cultivated crops in North America. Overall, hemp and hemp products are a $1.6 trillion industry globally and there are an estimated 25,000 industrial products that can be made sustainably from hemp including paper, textiles, food, bioplastic, building materials and hygiene products. Sales of hemp products in the US have been growing at a rate of 20% annually and the US hemp market is expected to reach $2 billion by 2020. However, the majority of raw and processed hemp fiber is still being imported from China, Romania, Hungary, and India, and the majority of hemp seed and oil is imported from Canada. 

At Vermont Hemp Co., we are re-empowering the state's farms and farmers to create a distributed economic model that strengthens the national hemp market....